CLOUDS is a visually groundbreaking interactive and generative documentary that allows the viewer to explore creativity through the language of code. Filmed using a new 3-D cinema format called RGBD, viewers can interact with a Microsoft Xbox Kinect or an Oculus Rift to fly through a video game–like environment. Participants will join a community of luminaries who represent a new breed of interdisciplinary hacker-artists struggling to develop new forms of visual expression and new vocabularies of technology that resonate at a deeper human level.

Cast and Credits

Directors: James George and Jonathan Minard

Executive Producer: Golan Levin

Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz

Creative coders: Patricio González Vivo, Reza Ali, Satoru Higa,Neil Mendoza.

Producer: Winslow Porter

Music: R. Luke DuBois

Lead Visual Systems Designer, Camera: Lars Berg

Lead Interactive Systems Designer, Coder: Elie Zananiri

Systems Engineer: Surya Mattu

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