ofxBlackBox: openFramework multiTouch GUI

Despite the cheesy name, the goal is to make an addon for openFrameworks with a minimalist aesthetic orientation.
It is fully compatible with TUIO and objects can be dragged, resized, and rotated with two fingers.
This boxes can be setup using a xml file. There you can specify the type and order of the content object.

Code at: github.com/patriciogonzalezvivo/ofxBlackBox


4 thoughts on “ofxBlackBox: openFramework multiTouch GUI

  1. I tried to run this addon, but I got segmentation error. I think it is because the TUIO thread is trying to access the main drawing thread, which is forbidden? Don’t you have segmentation error?

    I think those TUIO events are from a different thread, but in the code, it tries to directly draw something when receiving the events. I wonder how it works on your machine. I am using Linux.

    • Hello Nan, I think I´m not understanding exactly what you means.
      Have you check the example?

      This code it´s a bit old and I know it´s not very clean. I´m doing something like this to get a pointer to the TUIO client in order windows can check for tuioCursors independently from the testApp. May be, It´s not the best practice… but it´s working for me.

      void testApp::setup(){
      void testApp::update(){
      void testApp::draw(){
        ofSetColor(255, 255, 255);

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