TuioPainter: free & easy graffiti for kids

Interactive Application that I made with openFrameworks for Rosario´s TechCamp for high schools kids. The main idea is show how to be creative with technology thinking less as a user and more as a hacker.

In this case I use my multiTouch TUIO compatible GUI addon named ofxBlackBox for the tool bar.
For the tracking I use cheap IR-Dots made from flashlights and ping-pong balls with Community Core Vision app.

[ Download the Mac OSX App ] [ Download the Windows app ]


6 thoughts on “TuioPainter: free & easy graffiti for kids

  1. the mac version is not a mac version (.exe) !? -please can you let me know when the MAC version is available?
    - Thank you and great works!

  2. Hello sir,
    First of all nice work :) i really liked the app and specially the idea.
    I want to build some thing similar or we can say want to add a feature in this one.

    How about geting live stream from a camera in the background instead of this black back ground and start drawing in real. make people stand in front of your camera and have fun of real drawing.
    even better if Project the screen on them too and let them see what’s being done with their cloths… ;)

    i’ve no experience with openFramworks but i would like to work on you app if not then will surely start from scratch so any tips would be appreciated.

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