ofxFX: Unlocking the GPU Power on openFrameworks

This addons begins while I was working on Efecto Mariposa and I need some extra GPU processing power in order to make fast simulation of complex ecosystems. On does days I found GLSL Shaders a hard and cryptic topic. That´s why the main goal of this addon it´s to make super easy to use and edit shaders on your projects. That´s why it becomes a sort of common used shader library. Recently I start playing with them new GLSL editors like Ricardo Caballero´s WebGL SandBox, Inigo Quilez´s ShaderToy or Kode80´s GLSL Studio that let you edit the shader on-the-fly. So right now I´m working on making a standard ofxFXObject that could receive fragment shader and know how to deal with them while the program it´s running.

Find the code at my github account at github.com/patriciogonzalezvivo/ofxFX


4 thoughts on “ofxFX: Unlocking the GPU Power on openFrameworks

  1. Hi,

    it is very good that someone is concentrating on GPU and Openframeworks! There are not so much ressources, and thank you for sharing the code! It makes learning much easier and with a lot of fun!



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