Patricio Gonzalez Vivo is a digital alchemist who creates artifacts of contemplation about time and space. Although his medium is primarily light, his work combines technical skills in wood, metal, electricity, and code. Because of this liminal nature, his artifacts share qualities with maps, clocks, and optical lenses.

As part of his art practice, Patricio makes tools, frameworks, and educational materials that he shares. Tool making is central to his art practice as a way to spread ideas and give back to his community. His  Book of Shaders  has taught to an entire generation of digital artists; the book has been used for countless workshops and inspired several other projects. His tools GlslViewer, glslCanvas, glslEditor and libraries like Lygia, Hilma, Hypatia and Ada, are widely used as reliable instruments for art making.

Patricio has been invited to show his work at EYEO, Resonate, GROW, FILE, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, and FASE festivals, to talk about his work at MIT Media Lab and at Carnegie Mellon University, Frank-Ratche Studio for Creative Inquiry. He has taught at his alma matter, Parsons The New School in the MFA in Design & Technology progam, at ITP NYU, at SFPC (School for Poetic Computation) and at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte in Argentina. His work has been featured in Wired, Gizmodo, The Atlantic, and Fast Company.

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